Sustainable products designed to help the world:
Reduce greenhouse gases and mitigate climate change problem

Coating resins that address environmental concerns

Innovative Coating Resins: Environmentally-friendly
coating solutions catering to diverse industrial applications

Sustainable Products

Environmentally friendly resins innovation that
meets the diverse needs of various industries

Industrial Wood

Coating solutions for industrial woodwork
and interior decoration in residential spaces

Coatings that prioritize indoor air quality improvement, durability, and safety in every touch, utilizing green technology to promote healthy living spaces

Building Decorative

Coatings for building and decoration purposes

The green technology that improves indoor air quality promotes
healthy living spaces and extends the lifespan of buildings

Packaging and Inks

Coating substances for packaging and resin ink

Innovations in packaging coatings and resin inks that prioritize safety
from manufacturing to end-user, reducing waste generation, minimizing
the impact on recycling, in line with the circular economy concept