Sustainable products designed to help the world:
Reduce greenhouse gases and mitigate climate change problem

Solutions to reduce used plastics in the country

Reducing plastic waste, optimizing resource circulation for maximum benefits in line with the principles of the Circular Economy.
Also, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the production process, contributing to mitigating the global warming crisis

The points for collecting used plastics and turning them into the new value-added items



GC YOUTurn is a plastic waste management platform, offering solutions to reduce plastic waste and providing convenience for everyone to dispose of used plastic bottles, including clear PET bottles like water bottles, and HDPE bottles like milk bottles and various packaging containers, at designated used plastic disposal Drop-off points or GC YOUTurn Drop Points. These collected plastics are then sorted and transported to ENVICCO, GC’s world-standard plastic recycling plant, or transported to partner recycling facilities. This is to ensure that the plastic waste will be properly managed and transformed into valuable recycled and upcycled products, turning to recreate numerous benefits

Products from used plastics


PCR PET: Food-grade plastic bottles for beverages
and food packaging certified by the FDA, USFDA, and EFSA

The recycled plastic pellets are produced from post-consumer plastic collected domestically in Thailand. They are processed through advanced European recycling technology and certified to meet the international standards. These plastic pellets are high-quality, clean, safe, free from contaminants. They are consistent in color, and possess properties comparable to new plastic pellets


PCR HDPE: Opaque plastic bottles for packaging certified
by the USFDA and EFSA.

The recycled plastic pellets for packaging are produced from post-consumer plastic collected domestically in Thailand, processed through advanced recycling technology from Europe, and certified to meet the international standards. They are clean, safe, and odor-free

PCR Shrink Film

 PCR Shrink Film: Shrink film produced from recycled plastic
for wrapping various products.

The recycled plastic pellets for producing shrink film are made from post-consumer plastic collected domestically in Thailand. They undergo sorting, cleaning, and enhancement processes using modern technology and innovation. The production formula replaces the use of new plastic while maintaining the effectiveness of shrinkage and strength. They can be reused for wrapping various products

Revife Fiber by
GC Upcycling

Recycled Fiber: Fashion for Sustainability

Innovative recycled fiber made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles,
adding value to plastic waste by transforming it into fashion products.
These fibers can be customized and manufactured according to specific requirements,
ensuring compliance with the Global Recycle Standard (GRS),
a globally recognized standard for full-form recycled products