Sustainable products designed to help the world:
Reduce greenhouse gases and mitigate climate change problem

Innovations that reduce resource usage while maintaining efficiency

Innovative plastics designed to reduce resource usage can be recycled
and reused without compromising efficiency, strength, and durability

Mono Material PE

Plastic packaging designed to enhance recyclability

Mono-material packaging made from polyethylene pellets is designed with each film layer tailored to specific requirements, enhancing strength while reducing thickness. This results in durability against environmental conditions, moisture, tension, and pressure. Additionally, it maintains flexibility for shaping during manufacturing. After use, this packaging can be easily recycled without the need for complex plastic separation processes.
This makes mono-material plastic packaging a sustainable choice that
meets specific application needs while minimizing environmental impact



GENERIC BUOYS with high strength, UV resistance, excellent impact resistance, and outstanding durability

Downgauging Film

The thin film utilizes fewer plastic pellets
but still maintains its elasticity and strength.

It is suitable for wrapping packaging and can withstand impacts well. Despite using fewer plastic pellets, it remains thin and flexible, preserving its original properties. This makes it suitable for blow molding and casting processes

Lightweight Cap

Bottle caps reduce plastic pellet use while retaining durability

Bottle caps with reduced plastic pellet use cater to various packaging needs across industries such as food and beverage, household cleaning products. They are durable and withstand pressure well